Dogs are just too cute….


This is my baby girl, Miss Penny Lane

This is my baby girl, Miss Penny Lane





I just got home from walking my dog around Boulder on this BEAUTIFUL spring day…we walked all around the hill, around campus, and then through my neighborhood.  I started noticing that no matter where we went or what type of person we passed by, I saw the majority of people glance down at my adorable puppy (look at her pictures above if you don’t believe me…) and the sight of the cute puppy made every sMiLe!!!!  

I think that advertisers should really tap into this phenomenon!  It seems as though it is pretty impossible (unless you really don’t like dogs or your just a very cold-hearted person) to look at a cute puppy and not smile!  I think it’s just a natural response for most people.  You see something cute and cuddly and it gives you a warm feeling inside and then you naturally smile about it!  So…after observing this natural reaction from everyone who passed by my dog, I am now convinced that brands must associate themselves with images of puppies!!!

Hear me out:  If a brand integrates an image of a cute and cuddly puppy dog into their logo or into their advertising, then people will begin to automatically associate the warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they see a puppy dog with the that brand as well!  I’m convinced it that it will work!! So everyone just needs to put puppies either in their advertising or just go all the way and put it in their logo!  What do you think?!?!  Worth a shot?!?

Using puppies = brand success! Wouldn’t it be nice if it were just that easy?! Well, at least it seems to be working for these brands….


Until tomorrow….peace&love


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  1. You are so intelligent megan, you should win awards for this!

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