So Animalistic!

This is a print ad campaign from last summer for the Wrangler FLARE and the related spot is called “Animals.”

When the ads came out, Wrangler gave a press release, and I found this quote from the press release very interesting…

“In today’s society, out animal instincts are smothered by daily modern life, city-living and constant technological developments.  Man is an animal, but he no longer knows it.

Wrangler’s new strategic and creative platform seeks to re-awaken our bottled-up instincts and to encourage who and what we fundamentally are, by putting all that is pure, natural and instinctive back into Man”

I think this was an insightful move on Wrangler’s part, but I particularly like the art direction…the video is a little out-there, but…what do you think?  


These ads were created by FFL agency in Paris

These ads were created by FFL agency in Paris

flare8_coco_in_the_reedthumbnailflare1_coco_standing_in_watthumbnailflare11_chantelle_with_mud_thumbnailThis is the link to watch the video entitled “Animals” that went with this campaign:


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